Imperial Coin Announces Trademark Registration Approval

The Imperial Coin® (IPC) Team is pleased to announce that we have received approval of our final US Trademark Registration (# 4624326) for the name “Imperial Coin” and it’s exclusive use in the world of crypto currencies and beyond. What this means is that no other coin, group, site or individual can use the name “Imperial Coin” for any purposes without prior written approval from the Imperial Coin® (IPC) Team. All pools, exchanges and other sites that have Imperial Coin® (IPC) have already been approved for the useage of the name. Any coin other than IPC, is NOT approved at this time and is in violation of US Patent and Trademark laws and should be removed immediately. At this time, the IPC Team has already started submitting DMCA Takedown Notices to offending organizations.

While at this time, we have a US Trademark (prohibiting usage by US users and sites), there are reciprocal agreements with many other countries through the World Trade Organization that indicate our trademark should be honored outside the US as well.

Why did the IPC Team feel the need to Trademark their name? Very simple – it is a very popular and recognizable name that we plan on using for a very long time and to avoid confusion with attempts infringe on our name by other lessor copycat coins. VERY few coins in our community have gone to the time and expense to file for and gain approval of a trademark for their name – probably only 2-3 at most. The IPC Team feels that with the issuance of our trademark, no one will question the long term commitment of the Imperial Coin (IPC) Team and it will be the start of many more great things for Imperial Coin® (IPC). We have included a few links to the website with our registration status and issued certificate. We thank you so much for your support of Imperial Coin (IPC) and look forward to a bright future with the IPC Community.

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