Fork Upgrade Status

We are disappointed to report that we have to delay our planned hard fork that was planned for Block 60,000 by at least a week. So if you had grabbed our source and done the Linux upgrade all went well for you. But the Windows wallets had issues and most would never sync. We have identified what the issues are and need to do some more work on the source code to solve this problem. We request that you all should revert to version 1.2 until we can get the problem fixed. This is a stable version that we rolled out a few months back and has been running fine for everyone. Right now, do not use any of the wallets on our website and please make sure you are using V1.2 and not the beta V1.3.

We apologize for the inconvenience. But a fork of this nature is never easy and when all the Linux wallets synced properly we thought all was in good shape, until we tried the Windows wallets and has these issues. We will get them fixed this week and get the new wallets out as soon as we can in time for a fork at around Block 64,000 – 65,000. Thanks for your support of Imperial Coin (IPC).