What is Imperial Coin® ?

Imperial Coin® is a peer-to-peer digital currency that was created in December 2013. It is a technologically current crypto currency that has had its name trademarked to protect its user community and the coin itself.

How does Digital Currency work?

Digital currencies such as Imperial Coin® (IPC) allow users to send and receive IPC to trade for goods, services, or payments.

How do I go about sending and receiving Imperial Coins®?

You can download a free Imperial Coin® wallet that will allow you to send and receive coins. You can download a wallet/client on our Download page.

How much does it cost to mine Imperial Coin® ?

It’s free to mine, and one can get started with a desktop computer with a decent graphics card. We recommend using a computer with at least 2.0.GHz CPU and 2GB memory. With the implementation of the Neoscrypt algorithm, you can actually mine IPC with your laptop and get some coins each day!

How do I get started Mining?

You can signup for free and get started mining immediately at any of a number of pools listed on our Mining Pools pages…..

Where can I discuss Imperial Coin® with other individuals?

Please check out our message board at http://IPCtalk.org