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Imperial Coin Joins Payment System Network

You can now accept Imperial Coin (IPC) as payment for your business or services. This is great news for those looking for a reliable payments system and stable coin. Now, through, you can use their great payment API, to accept IPC direct from your website. Interested in Imperial Coin (IPC) – this is what you get with IPC !

1) Technologically current coin with stable infrastructure
2) Trademarked Name – Imperial Coin – Growing name recognition
3) Available on multiple exchanges
4) Mining available in multiple pools.
5) Growing Facebook and Twitter following & presence
6) Stable and proven coin in existence for nearly a year – NO pump and dump
7) Plugin tools and API for websites
…..and even a Users Guide for newbies

What more could you want? Honestly, tell us and we will look in to it ! Thanks so much for supporting Imperial Coin (IPC).

Imperial Coin Announces Trademark Registration Approval

The Imperial Coin® (IPC) Team is pleased to announce that we have received approval of our final US Trademark Registration (# 4624326) for the name “Imperial Coin” and it’s exclusive use in the world of crypto currencies and beyond. What this means is that no other coin, group, site or individual can use the name “Imperial Coin” for any purposes without prior written approval from the Imperial Coin® (IPC) Team. All pools, exchanges and other sites that have Imperial Coin® (IPC) have already been approved for the useage of the name. Any coin other than IPC, is NOT approved at this time and is in violation of US Patent and Trademark laws and should be removed immediately. At this time, the IPC Team has already started submitting DMCA Takedown Notices to offending organizations.

While at this time, we have a US Trademark (prohibiting usage by US users and sites), there are reciprocal agreements with many other countries through the World Trade Organization that indicate our trademark should be honored outside the US as well.

Why did the IPC Team feel the need to Trademark their name? Very simple – it is a very popular and recognizable name that we plan on using for a very long time and to avoid confusion with attempts infringe on our name by other lessor copycat coins. VERY few coins in our community have gone to the time and expense to file for and gain approval of a trademark for their name – probably only 2-3 at most. The IPC Team feels that with the issuance of our trademark, no one will question the long term commitment of the Imperial Coin (IPC) Team and it will be the start of many more great things for Imperial Coin® (IPC). We have included a few links to the website with our registration status and issued certificate. We thank you so much for your support of Imperial Coin (IPC) and look forward to a bright future with the IPC Community.

IPC Trademark Status ( -

IPC Trademark Certificate ( -

IPC Trademark Certificate –

Imperial Coin Announces Neoscrypt Fork

We have finally completed our upgrade of Imperial Coin (IPC) from the Scrypt algorithm to the Neoscrypt algorithm. While this was not an easy choice as there are so many options out there now. It has become clear to us that Neoscrypt will most likely be one of the next generation proof-of-work (PoW) algorithms designed to replace Scrypt. It consumes a lot less memory than Scrypt, but yet is more memory intensive and stronger cryptographically. The Neoscrypt algorithm combines the power of Salsa20/20, ChaCha20/20, BLAKE2s and FastKDF into a very secure ASIC-resistant solution. It is a VERY solid, well-designed and well thought out algorithm which we feel represents the next generation of coins that will now include Imperial Coin (IPC).

NeoScrypt has been running successfully on Phoenixcoin (PXC) since late July and will be on Feathercoin (FTC) starting in late October also. If you remember, the hashing technologies used by the Scrypt algorithm starts with PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA256 key derivation, and ends with 8 rounds of the Salsa20 cipher as its mixing engine. However, it has since been shown that only having 8 rounds of Salsa20 can be broken through differential cryptoanalysis – not as secure as we all thought.

So the Neoscrypt creator designed NeoScrypt to be compatible with Scrypt, but to have functional differences which provide significant advantages over Scrypt. With Neoscrypt, he has written a custom key derivation algorithm which is much stronger and faster. NeoScrypt’s mixing engine employs 20 rounds of Salsa20, followed by 20 rounds of ChaCha20. Not only is this combination faster and more secure than standard Scrypt, but it only takes 32KB to 64KB of memory, compared to the 128KB of memory used by Scrypt.

We are thoroughly convinced that NeoScrypt based currencies are set to become the best option for those who have a low to medium budget for mining equipment and therefore cannot afford ASIC rigs. With the adoption of NeoScrypt by Imperial Coin (IPC), we ensure that our loyal miners, small businesses in need of payments systems and newbies everywhere will always be able to viably mine IPC by never having to compete against miners who have bought the next generation of expensive Scrypt ASICs. Without and algorithm like Neoscrypt, the smaller hobbyist miner will have no place left to mine anything on Scrypt-based coins, just like GPUs have no place on Bitcoin any more. Only those with deep pockets can mine Bitcoin and this will end up being just a few large companies or well-funded individuals. In our view, this does not make a good case for decentralization and not where Imperial Coin (IPC) needs to go.

We thank you for your patience while we upgraded our algorithm and went through some minor programming difficulties causing some delays. It is running now on several machines and on our seed nodes and has a delayed switchover that will make the switchover to the Neoscrypt algorithm on Block 66,000 – in about 3-4 days. At that point, everyone will need to be switched over to the new version and be mining with either a CPU or GPU as your ASICs will cease to work properly with Imperial Coin after Block 66,000. Here are some links of interest regarding Neoscrypt.

Documentation / White Papers:

Mining Tools:

We still have much left to do in getting everyone alerted and switched over as well as our wallets and websites updated. At this time, ONLY the Windows wallet is available as well as the source code for IPC V1.3.0.6 available from the links below only. Please upgrade to the new code as soon as you can and do not forget to backup your wallets first!

IPC Source Code (Primary) –
IPC Source Code (Backup) –
IPC Windows Wallet –

Fork Upgrade Status

We are disappointed to report that we have to delay our planned hard fork that was planned for Block 60,000 by at least a week. So if you had grabbed our source and done the Linux upgrade all went well for you. But the Windows wallets had issues and most would never sync. We have identified what the issues are and need to do some more work on the source code to solve this problem. We request that you all should revert to version 1.2 until we can get the problem fixed. This is a stable version that we rolled out a few months back and has been running fine for everyone. Right now, do not use any of the wallets on our website and please make sure you are using V1.2 and not the beta V1.3.

We apologize for the inconvenience. But a fork of this nature is never easy and when all the Linux wallets synced properly we thought all was in good shape, until we tried the Windows wallets and has these issues. We will get them fixed this week and get the new wallets out as soon as we can in time for a fork at around Block 64,000 – 65,000. Thanks for your support of Imperial Coin (IPC).

ImperialCoin (IPC) Announces New Merchant Portal at

The IPC Team is pleased to announce the launch of our new Merchant Portal at, giving our current and future users a useful place to spend some IPC on Classified Ads, Banner Impressions on several banner exchanges and more. With the launch of this new resource for our users, the IPC Team further demonstrates its long term commitment to Imperial Coin and its long time users and supporters.

Merchant Portal –
Primary Site –
Classified Ads –
Banner Exchanges –

We had one great article in CryptoCoinsNews already this week and there should be some more publicity on the Merchant Portal releases later this week. Additionally, we will be updating our Users Guide to cover the new set of resources for ImperialCoin. Thank you so much for your support of IPC !!!

Imperial Coin (IPC) Users Guide Now Available

After a significant amount of time, money and energy, the long-awaited initial version of the Imperial Coin (IPC) Users Manual is available now for download on our main website. With the release of this document and future revisions and other documents, the ImperialCoin Team has proven their long-term commitment to IPC. While actively pursuing new businesses who may have an interest in IPC as a potential payment system, with the this guide, the IPC team has shown that they are also very focused on acquiring and educating new crypto currency users as well as business-owners. While Imperial Coin (IPC) is not the first crypto currency to provide any type of Users Guide to new and current users, it is one of a select few who have put forth the effort. Please use the link below to download the PDF version of the IPC Users Guide.

This is the English version – other versions may be created based on demand by our users. Thank you for your support of ImperialCoin (IPC).