About IPC


Imperial Coin® is an open source peer-to-peer scrypt-based crypto-currency created in December 2013 and updated with a fork in June 2014 (to include DGW3) and again in September 2014 to use the Neoscrypt algorithm that has the following parameters.

Currency Name: Imperial Coin®
Currency Symbol: IPC
Trademark Registration: Imperial Coin – Registration No. 4624326
Algorithm: Neoscrypt
Total Available Coins:  1,600,000,000 (1.6 billion)
Coins/Block: 1,000 coins
Block Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty Retarget: Every Block (with DGW3)
Confirmations: 6 confirmations

Retarget Time: Every Block (DGW3)
RPC Port: 36980
P2P Port: 36981

Seed Nodes:

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