Welcome to Imperial Coin (IPC)

We appreciate your taking time to visit us here at Imperial Coin® (IPC)!!! There are so many cryptocurrencies out there that come and go so quickly – many without focus or the technical or customer support structure in place for the long term for users and online retailers needing a stable coin. Imperial Coin® has recently upgraded its technical specifications and refocused is direction to better support its target markets. Imperial Coin® is not just any cryptocurrency – it is an activity-specific cryptocurrency that is focused on providing a safe and secure transaction alternative for these targeted business areas and many more:

  • Small Businesses (Online & Offline)
  • Network Marketing & Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • Internet Gaming (Online Games)

While these are our targeting marketing and promotion areas, ANY business can use and benefit from using Imperial Coin®. Like many businesses today, each of the above business areas typically struggles to find a reliable payment system that does not come with overpriced fees and red-tape. Imperial Coin® is just the opposite – download your wallet and you are ready to go with no fees or expenses and many places to easily liquidate your Imperial Coin® back to your pocket book. It really is that easy! We even now provide a new IPC Merchant Portal to help support our users needs – Few other coins offer this!


Additionally, the Imperial Coin® Team is pleased to provide our users with multiple platforms for transacting business with Imperial Coin®. There are many operating systems out there for potential users. The Imperial Coin® team has tried to maximize the potential user base for Imperial Coin® and your business by providing ready-made wallets for the following operating platforms:

  • Windows (32bit / 64bit) – Available Today!
  • Linux (32bit / 64bit) – Available Today!
  • Apple (MacOS) – Available Today!
  • Android – Available Late 2014

As you can see, the Imperial Coin® (IPC) Team is dedicated to providing a quality cryptocurrency and support system for many years to come. We hope that after you have had the chance to review the ImperialCoin website here, that you will choose to let Imperial Coin® support your growing business needs whether online or person-to-person. The crypto currency market is expanding each day and businesses like yours can really benefit from a simple payment system like Imperial Coin®. We can help you setup your new or existing business to accept ImperialCoin (IPC) in just minutes – Just Ask Us or Download our new Imperial Coin® Users Guide just released in July 2014.